Apply for a Home

Potential Partner Families must meet three basic requirements:

  1. They must demonstrate a need for housing. This need might be created by:
    • Overcrowded conditions
    • Current housing in need of major unattainable repairs
    • Basic housing costs unaffordable
  2. They must be willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity. This partnership will include:
    • The willingness of families to invest hundreds of hours of sweat-equity, working on their own home and the homes of others, before receiving their home.
    • Attendance and participation in a variety of workshops, including home ownership, construction, maintenance and financial management.
  3. Partner families must be willing and able to make a mortgage payment
    • Partner Families purchase their new homes from their local Habitat affiliate
    • Families must have a minimal amount of debt and have a steady income source 
    • The Habitat no profit/ no interest mortgage must be repaid within 20 years
    • All payments made to Habitat for Humanity go directly to helping build more new homes


Habitat for Humanity of Johnson County will be accepting applications March 1st - April 30th and August 1st - September 30th. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Only applications received in these timeframes will be eligible for consideration of being a partner family with Habitat for Humanity of Johnson County for the stated builds.

Print out an application from our brochure: Apply For A Home